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Transportation Solutions

ITC has developed and successfully implemented transportation solutions in the following areas:

  • Automatic vehicle location for road and railway transport
  • Traffic management, solutions for improving the urban transport infrastructure
  • Management of public transport services
  • Dynamic information services
The Intelligent Transport Systems provide solutions to solving common public transport issues. By using IT, digital communications and control technologies, the public transport networks can be operated more efficiently. With the help of real-time gathered traffic information, authorities, operators and passengers are able to take good decisions, which in turn contributes to the optimal utilization of transportation networks.

"COST EXPERT"-System costing rail freight

The "Cost-Expert" is designed by  ITC computing to meet the cost of rail transport of goods.
The "Cost-Expert" in the costing process takes into account both the effects of current track geometry and the current methods of calculation, in an improved form.
The "Cost-Expert" provides a graphical interface in a language that it becomes very easy to use and understandable for every user. Most of the actions are performed automatically by the application "Cost-Expert".
The "Cost-Expert" is designed entirely based on 3 major concepts: robustness, flexibility and simplicity.

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