Trackview: ITC Tt

The TrackView solution developed by ITC is designed to support the management of the transportation activities. The fleet tracking solution is performing a real-time geographic vehicle monitoring, extended with a complex data acquisition system regarding train composition, personnel attendancy, energy and fuel consumptions and railway engines activity. A complex online or offline reporting system is implemented, providing historical and on-time insights for operational exploitation and analysis and also for executive summaries.

Special attention is paid to aspects related to performance and scalability regarding data collection and retrieval and also to interoperability and integration with existing logistics and enterprise management systems. The system provides a high accuracy of GPS localization and GIS algorithms.

The solution can be customized for different railway operators and it is multilingual localized (Romanian, English, Hungarian, Russian).

The system can be used simultaneously from several dispatching centers, supporting an effective transport operator activity distribution.

Economic advantages of the system usage:
  • Optimisation of the route planning and maintenance performance.
  • Increased security of the transportation system through online monitoring and surveillance of exploitation parameters.
  • Lower exploitation costs through detailed reports over exploitation parameters.
Solution description: